Welcome to Customs by PT!

Welcome to Customs by PT!

Life is funny.

After years of service in the public service sector working under the direction of other people, two creative souls found each other and found a common dream of creating and crafting their way to independence.  Welcome to our shop, Customs by PT, the next step towards fulfillment of our hopes and dreams!

Meet the Customs by PT team!  Phoebe is an amazing craftsman and creator who is a mother and a veteran Emergency Room RN.  Tony, also a creative and crafty person, is a retired law enforcement officer and owner of a consulting business.  The Customs by PT shop is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  

Our shop specializes in hand-made, hand-crafted goods.  We offer beautiful and unique earrings, stunningly colorful tumblers, one of a kind hand-made hand-painted wood art and original, often funny, t-shirt designs.  We are makers at heart, so you'll likely find new products listed on our site, as well as familiar favorites.  Check in often!

Need something personalized?  We have the ability to help you!

Need a custom design?  We can do that, too!

Years of customer service experience separate us from the pack.  Let Customs by PT be your go-to for unique and beautiful gifts with outstanding customer service!

It's our hope that we here at Customs by PT can bring a smile to your face with our amazing, unique products.  

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